The Margins of the State in the Pandemic: peripheral experiences of human (in)security in Brazil

Peripheries in the pandemic brings together an oral, written and graphic collection with testimonies from Brazilians and peripheral Brazilians about their experiences during the pandemic. An open file with the aim of making visible how peripheral communities faced the challenges imposed by the pandemic and sought ways to overcome them.

See here how Brazilian peripheries faced the COVID-19 pandemic.

The database with all testimonies, collected in video, audio, text and images.





Access some of the products of this project here. It includes analyses (working papers), published articles and reports.


This section gathers news of facts and events, as well as material produced by peripheral organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Here you will find short analyzes on human security, social resilience, human rights, violence(s), inequality, social marginalization, the relationship between State and Society, culture and peripheral subjectivities.